Bellagio is a small typical italian town, ideal to walk by with a homemade "gelato".

La villa Melzi has a very nice park (More information ici or in the booklets available in the apartments).
Behind Bellagio, a small road goes to te top of Passo del Ghisallo, very nice pilgrimage for bike amateurs (small church, cycling museum and incredible sight over the lake).

If you want to go to Como, the usual way is to go by bus early in the morning and get back by boat.

Every tuesday and thursday morning and all saturday, the "Mercato" takes place in Como..

Others interesting attrractions are: the cathedral, la Villa Volta, the walk around the lake and the little train going to Brunate.

Milan can be joined by train from Como in 40 minutes.

There are other interesting propositions in the booklets in the apartments.



Canoeing: We have a canoe and allow our tenants to use it. We assume no liability for any accidents. Please always wear life jackets! The paddles and life jackets are located in the basement, please bring both back into the house after use and allow to dry.

Cycling: The main road along the lake towards Bellagio or Como, although small, offers the opportunity to enjoy the scenery at a leisurely pace. Four bicycles are available in the house for our guests to use.

Strolling: Sormazzana is linked by walkways with various other parts of the village; a path is also down by the lake.



In the garden house, the barbecue can be used.


Shopping can be found in the village, on the main road (la Provinciale) there is Alimentari (Food - Shops = Mom-and-Pop) and a butcher. Tuesday and Thursday morning, a little truck with fruits and vegetables is near the post office.

Shopping hours (ca.) :     

Tuesday - Saturday        8.30 - 12.30 and 16.30 - 19.30

Sunday and Monday      8.30 - 12.30 closed in the afternoon

For fresh bread in the morning there is a bakery near the bottom of the lake. To walk from the house, turn right around the small building, then left down the main road, cross the main road and go down again until you see a door at your right. Closed or open, go to this kitchen and inside turn left: this is the bakery.

 Supermarkets can be found in Bellagio and in Como.


Crotto del Misto


Crotto del Misto 100 m below the crow flies Sormazzana at the lake, more upscale cuisine, and exquisite fish dishes!

Ristorante Aurora


Ristorante Aurora In direction of Bellagio on the main road towards the lake, about 2.5 km. Pasta, pizza, fish and ..

Ristorante Crotto dei Pescatori


Crotto dei Pescatori In direction of Bellagio at the end of the village (also with a beach) offers nice fish dishes and pizza.

Ristorante Helvetia

Ristorante Helvetia In direction to Bellagio by one of the shops, ca 1.2 km. Pasta and Pizzeria.